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Hello, beautiful friends -

I'm Ros.

“The journey of yoga is the quiet walk home with steady, consistent steps” - Rosalyn Lim

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Ros Plain Backdrops.png

"No rain, no flowers. No mud, no lotus."


about Ros

A little more

Rosalyn Lim is a certified yoga teacher and a devoted yoga practitioner, currently based on the Gold Coast. 


Born in Malaysia, she moved to Australia in her teens. Coming from an athletics background, Ros began to practice yoga as another form of movement which inspired her and helped provide mental clarity. She drew upon her practice of yoga and meditation as tools to help her journey of managing chronic pain and a diagnosis of clinical depression and anxiety. 


Ros has been fortunate to study intensively under the tutelage of Eoin McCarthy, senior ashtanga teacher of Simhanada Yoga, for many years. She believes in the adage “teach as your teacher taught” and applies her own practice as a student into all aspects of her teachings. She has also gained great learnings from a number of leading inspirational teachers including Kino McGregor, Nicky Knoff, Peter Sanson, Gregor Maehle and Santina Giardina-Chaird.


She is highly passionate about the transformative and healing qualities of yoga. She is committed to live her life in line with the philosophies of yoga. Ros is a strong advocate for the intersectionality of wellbeing practices, and consistently strives to provide a community-orientated space for her students. 


She strongly believes that everyone has a right to good health and wellbeing, and that our pathways to awakening are intersecting lines.

"I love her teaching style. She was slow and thorough and took her time to stop to make sure we were following along. She also encouraged questions during and after class. I learnt so much valuable information. I also LOVED the yoga nidra at the end. Ros was an absolute delight to learn from. You can’t help but be inspired by her and her love of all things yoga is infectious."

- Robin O' Connor 

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