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Group, Private and Corporate Yoga Classes & Mentorships

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Group yoga

Ros’ group yoga classes will leave you feeling supported, grounded and inspired. Ros provides gentle guidance with a focus on anatomy and mindful movement. 


Her classes often incorporate flowing posture sequences at a slow, steady pace; where she builds up these sequences with a strong emphasis on foundational and functional movement.


She is highly passionate in tailoring her classes to suit her student’s needs, with clear and concise verbal cues, offering variations and modifications, and hands-on adjustments where required. 


Students are supported and encouraged in exploring the movements taught based on their capabilities.


Ros teaches from multiple locations on the Gold Coast and you can access her schedule below.

Group Yoga

"No rain, no flowers. No mud, no lotus."



Ros offers private classes to individuals, couples and small groups. When working privately with a yoga teacher, you will receive a more specific and curated experience. 

Some reasons why you might like to try out one of her private classes:

  • You are brand new to yoga and prefer to ease yourself into the practice before joining a group class

  • You are a regular yoga student looking to deepen your practice and get some specific attention that you are perhaps not getting in a group setting

  • You have an injury and would like support and guidance in managing the injury in your yoga practice

  • You find it hard to attend classes at the times they are offered in-studio and/or prefer to do yoga in the comfort of your own home

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Private Classes

What to expect

during a private yoga session

1. Consultation

Ros will come to the client’s house, or arrange to meet at a pre-arranged location. Additional studio hire fee applies.

Private classes with Ros are specific to the clients’ needs. Classes will follow a general structure of beginning with a mindfulness/meditation practice, then moving into a gentle warm up as the sequences gradually build up in terms of strength and flexibility.

2. Ongoing Private Classes

Prior to starting regular private yoga sessions, Ros will arrange an initial consultation session to learn some things about the potential client.


This may include past yoga experiences, health concerns or injuries, and setting the intention and frequency of practice. Ros will use this information to tailor the yoga practice to the client, specific to their needs. 


private classes & small groups

Private Classes

Small Group Classes

(3-10 students)

60 mins - $85 

75 mins - $95

3 pack private sessions - $240 ($80 per session)

60 mins - $25 per person

75 mins - $30 per person

* please note that additional studio hire fees apply.

Corporate / Group


Ros' corporate yoga offerings are structured to suit the organisation's specific needs including working environment, employees and the nature of their working day.


Classes are also tailored to suit all fitness levels and group experience, where no previous knowledge of yoga is required and groups of any size can be catered for. These sessions have an emphasis on stress management and improved mental wellbeing within the workspace. 


Additionally, Ros offers Meditation and Mindfulness sessions, team building yoga sessions and specialised group classes for corporate events.

She has worked on larger wellness programs and trainings, as well as helping to support team building yoga sessions, corporate launches and events.


Other sessions that can be curated accordingly include:

  • Beginners Yoga Courses

  • Meditation Courses

  • Product or service launch offering customer a free yoga class

  • Mini classes at wellness expos and conferences

  • Pop up yoga in a public space

Ros will bring her corporate yoga classes to your office and workplace. 

She also provides convenient online yoga sessions for teams that work remotely.

Corporate Classes


corporate group classes

Tailored corporate yoga classes – 30, 45, 60 min available.

Starting at: $85

Please contact Ros for a quote for your workplace.




Teacher mentorship provides yoga teachers and teacher trainees with the opportunity to explore deepening their practice from a yoga teaching perspective.


Whether you are an experienced teacher or new to yoga teaching, mentorship may be an opportunity to lead a yoga class with more confidence and facilitate more inclusive, safer spaces.


This program draws from Ros' 15 years of teaching experience, all done within a supportive, collaborative and experiential environment. 


Sessions are tailored to specifically suit your specific needs which may include the following learnings:

  • clear and concise verbal cue-ing to position students safely and effectively

  • provide hands-on adjustments safely

  • applying modifications and variations, including the use of props, to cater for students of all levels

  • learning to intelligently and intuitively sequencing classes

  • yoga therapy techniques for working one-on-one students with very specific needs including special needs, pre-natal and postnatal

To learn more about Ros' mentorship program, get in touch below.

Mentorship Program

Let's make



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